Product Background.

How did all this come to be?

3D Additive manufacturing has allowed the Ad Astra team to quickly iterate on design concepts. The original Gen 1 model was delivered to the medical community early in the first half of 2020. The medical community in south central Kansas was responsive to the new product. In practical applications these early users developed key insights of how to improve the product further. These insights were translated into engineering the Gen 2 to enhance the acoustics quality, simplify the design, and increase functionality.

Enhanced Acoustic Quality
Simplified Design
Increased Functionality

Did you know?

HAIs cost an estimated $30B

The CDC estimates that every year, Americans contract 1.7 million infections while being treated in hospitals. These infections, known as Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) are associated with approximately 99,000 deaths annually. In addition to the significant toll on patients’ lives, HAIs represent an estimated $30 billion in added healthcare costs.

Ad Astra MD Gen 2 Stethoscope.

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